Kitchen Furniture


The light yellow color makes the cabinet simple. The cabinet has drawers. There is a stove stand in the central part. There is table in the center of kitchen which has a bassoon for washing. The side window in the kitchen passes sun light to kitchen. This is beautiful kitchen cabinet. The color of the kitchen cabinet and the floor of the kitchen has decent contrast. The cabinet consists of the almirah for different kitchen materials. The below drawers have bassoon cabinet. The central table has stove and the floors around the stove have marble. The glass windows make the cabinet more beautiful. The wood work is so nice. Cabinet have many drawers for materials used in kitchen. The roof of the kitchen has similar wood work. The central part of the cabinet has a stove table. The central table has color combination with the floor.


This is nice and attractive kitchen cabinet. The color and design of the cabinet is simple but attractive. The drawers are used for keeping material of kitchen uses. There is stove in the center of the cabinet. There is a dining table in the center of the kitchen. There are cupboards above the tables. The drawers are used for different purposes. The central table is very beautiful and has bassoon for washing. The stove stand is beautiful and small.